Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Australians all let us rejoice for we know who Mark Jackson is


versus this

Clearly the second one is the winner. Infact i think in this case the internet is the winner. It just became a much richer place thanks to that second video.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

3D graffitti and home surgery

Home surgery

It takes days of scrubbing with scented soaps and lotions to get that dead skin smell off your body. As soon as I'd cut the plaster off I realised that my arm was still NQR. After a couple of visits to a doctor to be called an idiot, then an xray clinic, also to be called an idiot, they determined that my arm was fine. So who is really the idiot now? The guy who removed his plaster with a hand saw or two qualified doctors? No so smart now are they? In your face doctors.

It's not often that I eat KFC but when i do its good to go there with a pro. Al Wilson knows all that is worth knowing about The Colonel's menu. I just told him to order two of everything that he got so I too could eat like an expert. He even took me to a park to enjoy the sunshine. What a banquet.
Al and Kirby also hooked me up with a job to paint a mural in the foyer at the Melbourne Vans office. Al suggested a pirate theme. I asked Mavie to give me his best pirate pose for me to draw from and this is what he came up with.

I made what I could out of it

I've been working on it for 2 or three weeks now. Here's some progress shots.

I should mention that Mavie, Nate Dog and Terry my step dad have been a massive help while i've been working on this thing.

Stepped in the paint of course

One day I had a pretty bad head ache and asked Al if he could get me a panadol and he came back with a band aid and a glass of water. Thanks Al, real helpful.

Me and Mavie had to give Al a hand loading a bike into his car, which meant removing the head rests form the seats. Before we knew what was happening Al was asleep on the job.

Then I decided that I didn't like bits of it so it currently looks like this

More graffitti

Speaking of vandalism, Mavie (amongst other people) built a new unauthorised skate spot. Here is his work truck

And here is our Mum proudly standing in front of the finished product. She took me out there at about 9am on a freezing cold morning and forced me to skate. It was pretty funny.

I was riding past a place where Mavie and Thomsy (and me kind of) built a couple of wall rides under punt road a few years ago. They got jack hammered out by the council but some one else built this there afterwards. I'm guessing not too many dudes ride this one.

Last week I went to the Zoo York video premier. There's an hour of my life that I wont get back. Luckily there was free booze and pizza and these dudes.

Here's two young dudes with lots of beer and hair

This erection is nearly complete