Saturday, 13 November 2010

Monday, 8 November 2010

Easey Street

I guess I should start this with a very brief look at the epic night that was Halloween. I was a bit stuck for a good plan this year so went with what I thought was going to be a kind of boring costume idea. It turned out way better than I expected and everyone seemed to love it. If fact I didn't pay for a single drink all night. Thanks to the friends and random strangers that supplied enough beer for me become extremely charming, attractive, wealthy and invincible once again. (And a big thanks but no thanks to the dude who tried to make out with me)

As a side note, how awesome are the people who come to Halloween parties with out costumes and hassle the people who have made an effort to have fun? I wish I could be them.
Making stupid outfits of of cardboard is not the only thing that has been keeping me busy recently. I have also been painting a mural in the doorway of the new Easey Street Agencies building. Here are some progress shots.
Easey Street Easey Street Easey Street Agencies Easey Street Agencies Easey Street Agencies Easey Street Agencies Easey Street Agencies Easey Street Agencies Easey Street Agencies Easey Street Agencies Easey Street Agencies Easey Street Agencies
As you can see it was dark when I finished. About 10.30pm to be exact. I still have a lot more to paint but i wanted to get it to a finished looking state for their opening party which was the next night. I wasn't there to enjoy the celebrations but I got to go to Sydney instead so I'm not too fussed about it.
On the week end just past, I was flown north by the kind folks at Element to be a part of this art show.
It was an amazing trip. Everyone else was working so the wonderful Lucy saved my ass by driving me to the airport. (Thanks again Lucy)
I was collected from Sydney airport by Troy Archer (A fantastic artist in his own right) and taken to our hotel. Through out that day I met or was reintroduced to a huge list of people, including these other Element advocates
Christian Halford
Courtney Brimms
Kareena Zerefos
Brett Chan
and of course the supremely talented Sarah Larnach (who gave me a midnight tattoo in her lounge room)
I couldn't find much of Christian's stuff online but that link is definitely worth a look, as are all the others. There's some seriously talented people in this group, I felt a bit out of place. They're all quite attractive too, luckily I was there to keep everything grounded. I'll post some more pictures of that trip in the next day or two. Right now I need to catch up on some sleep.