Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Mavis not Mavie

The new Skateboarder's Journal is out. Its awesome like usual. I made a cake for it (10th issue) which Mavis ate and Gourlay photographed. This issue is worth buying for the poster alone. Jack Tarlington's 4 page megamonsterzine illustration.

Here's Pip's new film clip which Sarah was involved in. I recognise her paintings. I dont know if she animated them or not. Its real good. Keep your eyes peeled for cat mountain and the Thelma and Louise bit near the end.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Dont need nothin' but a good lime

New father Al Wilson didn't show up for International Good Day last week. I guess now that he knows he can make his own people he doesn't need us anymore. I drew on his griptape for him.
I mainly listen to talk back radio at work. Commercial radio is utter rubbish and my CD collection is getting boring. It paid off a few weeks ago when I won tickets to see Patti Smith and Sam Cutler (Rolling Stones and The Grateful Dead tour manager) interviewed by Alan Brough at the Speigel Tent. It was even better than I expected.
Then next morning I went to collect my skateboard from Yellow Bird and was lucky enough to witnessed a matinee of the Cheese and Nitty show, sans sleep. As usual, Nitty was full of compliments for all and sundry and Cheese was having a good time trying to get a good lime out of his glass. How can you not be happy while wearing a Barbara Steisand Tshirt. Timeless.
Pretty glad I wasn't involved in their slapping contest. They still had these hand marks a week later
I finally got to see the amazing wall that Nate Dog painted for Yellow Bird. Awesome.
The next day Andrew Pommier came for a whirl wind visit to Melbourne after holding an art show at the Monster Children gallery in Sydney.
Cathy Tipping finally exhibited some of her ridiculous cross stitching work. I was dumb founded at the amount of work involved in this and the accuracy. This is a life size picture of Kate, starkers. I had to get Katie to take this picture because I didn't want to be the creepy dude taking photos of nude chicks. I dont want to blow my cover. Believe it or not, this is made with a needle and thread of many different colours.
Anyone need a giant vacuum cleaner? They're pretty cheap in DePreston
This week Captain Manouvers used his laser eyes to help me cut out some grip tape for my new skateboard. Its for special occasions.
Its thirsty work. Here he is doing an imitation of Matt Maunder by draining a pool. Check the new Skateboarders Journal for pictures of the real Maunder in action.
Later Nick tried to teach him how to skate hand rails. Either he's doing a salad grind here or he thinks hand rails are stupid and he's trying to scratch Nicks face off.
We acquired a jump ramp on Saturday. Me, Nick and Rowan (Captain Manouvers' boyfriend) decided to paint a gold toothed ripper on it, Pretty awesome. Good can control Nick. Fuck the gumbys.
Later that day we ran into Blake who was celebrating his 34th birthday with a Canberra salute.
Then I saw some entrepreneurial animal cruelty. This shop was closed with no one inside except this poor old fella.
After spending most of the day drink by Fitzroy bowl with a pretty random group of people, I finished the night in the best way possible by seeing power metal band, Dragonforce, for free, thanks to Shylo. They're amazing, their fans are amazing and the fan at front of the stage that blew their hair back was amazing. Amazing. If you ever get the chance to see them I highly recommend it, they're amazing.
If you dont see the funny side of this you're probably dead

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Shaving the yard

"Would you mind not mowing your lawn at 1 oclock on a Sunday afternooon please. Some of us have been taking the designer drug extacy all week end and now we are trying to sleep. Cant you just let us come down in peace?" is what I was imaging my neighbours saying as I was giving our yard a Brazillian today. As you can see from the photo below I got most of it done apart from the treacherous areas of old growth lawn around the base of Mt. Scottiosko. There were some environmental activists who chained them selves to the lawn mower. Sucks for them that it was a rental which I returned today. Their protest continues at Kennards Equipment Hire in Preston.

I've spent the past few weeks painting this Vestalife Ipod Dock for Element.
I call it Tina Burner

Al Wilson is now a proud father. I'm pretty sure the baby's name is Charlie. Thats the name we were chanting all night anyway. I tried to get him to call the little fella Ian Gavin David Darren so his initials would be IGDD. He wasn't interested. Here he is after many shots of various giggle liquids, proudly waving the saggy bag flag.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Captain Manouvers and Bob Hawke

Most people dont realise that my cat, Captain Manouvers, came up with the original idea Natas' iconic 80's skate graphic. (If you dont get this joke you're either too old or too young or too smart to give a shit about 80's skate graphics)

As America heads into election time which will hopefully lead to a new, slightly less corrupt, more intelligent, more accountable government, I have been thinking a bit about Australia's past Prime Ministers and I've decided that Bob Hawke is easily the best one. Apart from encouraging the entire country to take a sicky whilst drunk on national television, he can also slam down a yard glass faster than a thirsty Hell's Angel. For proof see the picture below (much like hips, blackboards dont lie) I think the Australian flag is kind of boring and uninspiring but how awesome does it look with that silhouette of our Bob partially obscurring it? Maybe that should be permanently added to our flag. (Or is that the one that Frankston are already using?)

Monday, 13 October 2008

Nothing to do with Mavie

Matt and Troy sent this press release through the other day. I drew the picture on the Tshirt.
I think if you click on the picture I think it will enlarge so you can actually read it. If not check out the new Element Australia website here http://www.elementaustralia.com/
While you're there have a look at the advocates pages. There's one there for me. I have to supply some better images for it but I'm stoked on it anyway. http://www.elementaustralia.com/advocates/andy-murphy/

Glen from Dunlop kindly asked me paint some Volleys a few weeks ago for that dude Strauchnie who is a character on one of the footy shows. It was an all night, rushed project but it turned out okay.

A week later Glen hooked me up with another opportunity to paint some more shoes for them. This one is apparently going to appear in Dolly Magazine. I stole the idea for the "Smile Forever" text from a tattoo that all round good dude, Pedro Day has on his chest. The day after I finished painting these I saw a Michael Seiben painting in the Juxtopoz Illustration book with the same thing written on it. I dont want people to think I stole the idea from the wrong person. I believe honesty is important when stealing. Anyway, in my opinion, they turned out a lot better than the Strauchnie ones. (I especially like the romantic lighting on the second photo)

The Stussy artist series Tshirts are being printed in November. Here's the press release that they sent out.
I'm looking forward seeing the actual finished product.

Amongst all this business I still found some time to make up another awesome joke.

Q:What member of the weasel family loves wagging school and singing Beetles songs in the main street????

A:Ferrets Bueller.

Wow. That is gold.
I'll try to post some more pics soon including a cake I made for the best skate mag in the world, The Skateboarders Journal and a piece of electronic equipment that I have nearly finished decorating for Element.