Monday, 18 January 2010

Christmas has been and gone. Here's Mavie in his umbrella hat and sippy straw cup and our Auntie Bernie with a Duck shaped umbrella, both of which they recieved in our family Chris Kringle. I was in possession of a ShamWOW for a few minutes but due to some odd rules one of my cousins took it from me and I ended up with a bike seat.

Captain Manouvers got into the spirit of things.
After doing all the family stuff through out the day I came home and did this in Photoshop.
Then I spent the next hour or so laughing my head off.

Found this old photo on my computer. Halloween a few years ago. That was the year I was dynamite in the sack. Dont ask me what the others are. Apart from Noonan (Teenwolf maybe???) and Mari(Gilligan) in the back ground every one else is wearing their everyday gear.CIMG0697.JPG

Danny sent this picture to me the other day. He'd tattooed one of my drawings on some guy who's obviously a Mindsnare fan.IMG_0390.JPG

In keeping with that theme, there's a dude in Queensland who has another drawing that I did for Mindsnare, tattooed on his leg. I met him at the Arthouse one day a few years ago.

Mindsnare Tattoo

Okay back to trying to remember my life. According to the photos I went to see JK again down in Rosebud. I see this Bungower Road sign every time I go down there. The green electrical tape modification that has been made to it is genius... and i don't use that word lightly.

The steeds parked out the front of the shop

Latimer was up on the roof with me while I was painting and found a virtually unused G-string in the guttering. BINGO!

The sign currently looks like this. I'm hoping to finish it in the next week or so.

And as usual I got unexpectedly assaulted by sun rays. Check out this divine new fire belt that I refused to take off for a couple of weeks. I loved wearing it so much that it had to be peeled it off me.IMG_0477.JPG

There's some pretty weird shit for sale in the shop. Anyone need a stuffed lioness in attack stance?

Or a display dome full off real dead person?

I did some more sign work right in the heart of trendy land - Chapel Street. If you like sweaty meth heads coming out of Revolver at 3 in the afternoon munching their faces off looking only slightly healthier than the guy in the jar in the picture above, then you should head down there. You'll love it. One dude was hassling me so much that i had to pack up and leave. He thought I was some graffiti dude and kept asking me where i was from, who i knew and what crew I was in. He was fucking scary, I couldn't tell if he loved me or wanted to punch me so I decided to call it a day. And you Prahran wankers call Fitzroy the dirty side of town. Yes I'm talking to you Al, Niddy, Ralph, Cheese and who ever else lives over there. Yay for hair product. Chapel Street rules!

Ruth is still into food

I saw this Tshirt with some sweet piercings but didn't buy it. Must have been having an off day

Happy bike. Probably gets ridden by a hot girl I'd say.

Charlie Wilson

Arlo Maglaris

Nick Burton (NYE 2009/10)

I've recently drawn a poster up for the Belco Bowl Jam which is in a few weeks. After my first idea ended up on the cutting room floor
Jordan Belco Flyer.jpg

they decided to use my other drawing
Belco Colour Low res.jpg

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