Monday, 20 September 2010

Dont Push Mong

I'm in this group art show in Canberra which starts on Friday night. It has kindly been organised by Luke Brown and Tim Clement.

The art show that was in Sydney a few weeks ago was great fun. I flew up and stayed with Sean and Lyndall who got me drunk and made me fall over, and the next night I stayed up north of Sydney with the 2008 Brett Whitley art prize winner Amber Wallis of fame. Hahaha she'll hate me for posting that.

The show in Sydney, called This Is How We Roll, was organised by J'aime Fazackerly and sponsored by Element Skateboards. Check to see a cool video that he put together of the opening night.
Below is my contribution to the show which is a drawing called Suicidal Pregnancies.

If you don't get the joke then you've obviously never heard of these guys.
I have more shows in the near future in Sydney and Melbourne. Details for them will follow at a later date.
Speaking of Element, if you're at all interested in highly skilled drawing check out Troy Archer's blog. (he works at Element but in my opinion he should/could be a full time artist)

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