Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Bee's Knees

If you click this link you'll see a short video of me and a bunch of other Element Advocates painting a big canvas we when were up in Sydney for the Happy Tree art show. I had so much fun on this day. I was kind of shitting myself because I thought I'd mess up the picture and every one would think I was a fraud but I was reasonably happy with what I painted, and the rest of the canvas looked great. So many different styles. I also got kind of drunk towards the end of the day and woke up with a bee tattooed on my knee courtesy of Sarah Larnach.
Below is a few of photos of the process. I painted the big rooster thing. Sarah helped me paint the plaid pattern in the background because it was taking me ages.


Kimmy Reynolds said...

ah ha...your the bees knees...take some commitment if your the ducks nuts...tee hee

Anonymous said...