Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Are these really our lives?

I heart changing gears.jpg
Okay the above picture is something I drew to take the piss out of the fixed gear craze that is sweeping art galleries and fashion magazines. I actually dont have a problem with them (Most of them look fucking awesome and they're kind of fun to ride if you dont ever have to stop) but it is such a soft target I couldn't resist.
Everyone in the world should probably watch this movie about the next big thing thats gonna hit our shores just as soon as San Francisco is done with it


Anyway summer is defiantely over, here's some photos of the day we went out on a clipper ship.
As usual Nick began drinking early and came up with this amazing invention for dredging the bay - brick tied to a rake with a shoelace on the handle, genious.
Below is a picture of the ship. Incidentally I should mention that the name of the captain was Sarah. Captain Sarah was once a man but now I believe she is a woman. She sort of looked like a woman anyway although I didn't see her "galley" so i cant confirm that for a fact. She sure yelled orders like salty sea dog, which was in stark contrast to her pink toe nail polish and Gucci sunglasses

Some of the crew

I got a little snappy happy with all the ropes and what have you.
James on the other hand found something to be disappointed about

The Sea Shepherd was docked in Melbourne, I guess they wanted to take a break from saving whales and getting shot at by Japanese sailors.

Captain Sarah made us give three cheers as we sailed past.
I dont actually understand why so many Australians have a problem with the Japanese eating whales, as long as they aren't endangered. Whats the difference between eating a whale and a cow? (apart from having to buy a bigger BBQ for the steaks)
In completely unrelated news I drew this picture, not because I'm against whaling just because I thought it was funny.

We had to sail under the Bolte Bridge

Rats in the rigging

Mavie hijacked some kids' pirate flag

Speaking of dredging here's the Queen of the Netherlands which is in Melbourne for the controversial dredging of the bay. This time instead of cheering Captain Sarah made us boo. I prefered Nick's bay dredging device better anyway.

W anchor

Buccaneer offspring

So there was a rule that no one was allowed to climb the mast. For some reason there were other rules for people that did climb the mast??? They included no climbing the mast if you've been drinking and no climbing the mast with out shoes..... so of course Mavie hid his beer and borrowed my shoes and up he went.

Me Jimmy and Dave were in charge of ice berg spotting.
I didn't see any but that was probably because I didn't have a hat and glasses on.

Brucie and the Gibbos

This kid probably owns that Young Spirit boat in the back ground. He had a lot of young spirit. He also said he had 5 girl friends. I couldn't tell if Scotty was proud or jealous.

There's Captain Sarah, the one leaning over the railing making sure we didn't run into any sea cucumbers. "Steady as she goes boys"

I busted Emily stealing Nicks wallet while he was high fiving his invisible buddy. (More on Nick's imaginary friend later at a later date)

When we got back from sailing the seven seas (well to the mouth of the Yarra) we realised that the Melbourne's city buildings were performing a musical version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Raoul Duke - Suddenly there was a terrible roar all around us and the sky was full of what looked like huge bats, all swooping and screeching and diving around the car... and a voice was screaming: Holy Jesus! What are these goddamn animals?

Scotty has this sign above his bed now

Cards got pretty loose, here's a picture of him with Don Johnson

I cant recall exactly what was going on here but I think he was trying to sell his Esky

Mavie "found" a scooter and ripped out a wall ride

Then Angie showed him how its really done

Later that night me and James went to a party where he smoked apple flavoured tobacca through a hookah

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