Monday, 28 April 2008

Melbourne versus Sydney

So a lot of my photos some how got out of order and now there's a whole bunch of them missing so here's some random ones that may not run chronologically but I'm sure no one will give a fuck. (Except possibly Ruth who's a bit pedantic about that kind of thing)

Okay so a month or two ago about a million of us went up to Sydney for the Bondi Bowlarama contest and the IGDD away game.
Mavie took me out to the airport on the motorbike. I had a huge back pack on and was sitting on my skateboard and hanging on to him for dear life. Somehow I also managed to get my camera out of my pocket to get this photo of us on the freeway.

I got flown up to Sydney by Vans to help set up an art show and to paint the wall of a shop. I stayed in a hotel with Kirby who was working up there setting everything up and looking after people. He was also drunk to the point of retardation for most of the time that we were there, but somehow managed to get everything done. Here he is in the lift.

The night I arrived Darren told me the story of how earlier in the week he'd gotten stuck in the lift in what I can only assume was a state of intoxication that even Shane McGowan would be proud of. He said he was busting so he consciously made the decision to wiss in his pants. Almost excusable I guess, if you're stuck in a lift for a decent amount of time. When I asked him how long he'd been in there he replied "about 2 minutes" Turns out he'd just forgotten to press the button.
This was only the second time I've been to Bondi so I was pretty stoked when i saw the view from the balcony of our hotel room.

Here's a photo of the geniuses (or is it genii?) that bring you Vans

The painting of the shop scenario that I was meant to go down was pretty disorganised. I guess the people at Surf Dive and Ski couldn't get their shit together so they sent me to Captain Billy's Crab Shack to paint the wall in the stair well. The Crab Shack is a sweet looking tiki themed skate shop which had a bunch of art work hanging on the wall including this gem

Here's the rest of the shop

Gibbo ukewailing with hangover shades on

Some of the painting I was doing

There was another art show happening while we were up the with Cab and Lance and a bunch of other skate dudes. My favourite piece was this one by Wade Burkitt

In the backyard of the gallery they had this hilarious fence

Sergie Ventura oozes style. Maunder said he'd probably root him if he was given the chance.
Drop in style

Bail style

I did manage to get one good photo of a backside tweaker. Luckily Jezza managed to find time in between heckling every single person who dropped in to fucked it up for me. Good dude.

Holy shit speaking of good dudes I tried to get a picture of some but Chooky Fowler, Noah and Le Head got in the way

Some one stole some of the stripes off Brucie's shirt. I'm pretty sure that's what Mavie's so stoked about, I could be wrong though. Or maybe its because Brucie is fingering his Pridetiger, either way Helen thought it was good too.

Looks like Mavie was too tight to buy beers again so he had to collect glasses to pay his tab.

Anyone for a game of hotel floor roulette? No thanks I've got to drive home.

A bunch of us ended up back at our hotel room one night. Alex kindly gave Mavie a hand to get inside.

Then he lied down and showed us his Gstring. He also got sponsored by Vans. Here's Al presenting him with a pair of stick ons (oh and if you look really carefully you'll be pleasantly surprised to see that Kirby has his shirt off! Who'd of thought)

The Box with a box - I think he was stoked to not be the most wasted dude.... that only lasted one night as you'll soon see

This was the next night I think. Boxy had been drinking heavily all day and pretty much ruling the world (even down to pissing off the back off the grand stand onto Kevin Stabb's pads)
In this photo he is getting help breaking into his kebab by the guy who made it

Kebab dude didn't have much faith in the Funky Deckbolt's ability to steer the seasoned meat log into his mouth so he put the bin under him

Satisfied customer? You tell me

Triple document?

There was a good dude convention on while we in Sydney, obviously we were no where near it.

Here's Niddy making an onion cry

Easily my favourite moment of the week end (well second favourite) was when Al got busted doing I.G.D.D. grafitti in the Beach Road Hotel. The cops came and searched him.
Perp, "Officer I'm not a real grafitti artist"
Cop, "Yeah we can tell"

JK had one of the best hats in the history of headwear

The next day we set up the art show. Here's Sean doing the robot for Jack

In this photo it looks like Jack is sticking some of our rubbish to the wall. In actual fact he is creating a master piece.

See. La penis de ressistance. I'm French as fuck.

I dont know much about art but I know what I like.... I like having a massive bar near at hand


Contest day. Shit load of people there

Obviously Niddy bought a kangaroo teste bottle opener. Brucie thought it was a couple of edible tennis balls. Fucking tourists

Shhhhh dont tell any one that Tamara stole Todd's tattoo

And Dustin got dressed up as a Neck Face drawing

Gourlay showed me his map of Tassie

And Jack showed me the Sydney foxtrot

Pedro has the best tattoo in the world SMILE FOREVER

Speaking of tatts I saw this one which was apparently inspired by a surfboard that I painted a few years ago

I went looking for Mavie one morning, no one had seen him. Eventually I ran into him in the street wearing a Tshirt, sunnies and a hat and not knowing where any of them came from. I'm not sure what the air guitar situation was for

In unrelated news how good is Fred Negro?

And how good is getting dressed up as Axel Rose?

And how good is Larry getting a cheap shoulder ride at the Iron Maiden concert (A.K.A. the best thing I've ever seen)
Andy 666 Larry.JPG

And how good is Mavie and Andreas not getting stabbed by Chopper
Mavie Chopper Andreas.jpg

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