Sunday, 16 November 2008

Block off the roads and let everyone be stoked

Its midnight on Saturday. I just woke up after sleeping for most of the day. What am I meant to do now? Here's an email that I got from Mavie the other day (I had to delete the secret part relating to the movie industry which I'm sure will all come to light soon. Its not really that exciting just funny)
Hey flappaneck,
I'm at the Airport about to get on a plane to London..... all goes well and I'll be in Bangkok in a couple a days. I'll be there dotting around until Christmas. I kinda shanked my flights so I'm getting on a plane Christmas day and arriving back in Melbourne on Boxing day. I had to pull a rabbit out of hat to make all this happen last minute but I'm stoked. (As Mavie's travel agent, I'm pretty sure Cam Cadby was responsible for the derabbitting of the hat, and he is on holidays in Nepal) I have a small bag with me containing a pair of cut offs, a camera, 6 tee's and an Ipod and a pair of white gaunlet gloves for dirt biking through Loas??? Michelle just recieved your package and wants to know if she can sell your zine in her shop. I just got back from SF and Portland. Lori D was stoked on your tattoo. I got to see her anamation. 7 years work in 15 minutes. Gold!!! Shit I gotta board my plane. Let me know if anyone needs a room mate in the new year......oh yeah I was in SF on the Election night and the whole fucking town went crazy..people dancing on the roofs of cars taking over, the cops just had to block off the roads and let everyone be stoked. A guy handed me some bottle rockets and we started firing them into the crowd. I hit a dude in the hand and my friend Andrea hit a cop car....good times gotta go

I guess we'll be seeing him soon. My theory is that he's coming back a day after Christmas so he doesn't have to buy any presents.

This week I made a cake for Sarah

Then I went to her party with the intention of not staying out too late. As usual that didn't really go according to plan, hence me wasting another perfectly good Saturday staying in bed feeling like butt water.
Here she is sulking at not having much luck breaking open the pinata

Then she despatched the blind fold in a ....blind rage (sorry), climbed on the table ripped the pinata off its string and smashed the crap out of it on the floor. Did some one say pent up aggression?
"Yeah I have a paper mache llama on my head, no big deal"

Slice of ham anyone?

Finchy told me that the Sausages looked vegetarian. I told him that technically they were

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Anita said...

Andy, seriously best cake ever. Hamhock? Pure Genius.