Saturday, 23 May 2009

Kicks and old flicks

I spent all of the non hung over parts of last week end painting these shoes

Me and Nate were holding hands at the midweek private art fag convention in his lounge room so I got him to paint a pair too and they turned out awesome.

These are some old Vans that I painted a few years ago

Speaking of shoes, here's those ones that I painted for honorable Glen Scott while he was working at Dunlop, when they appeared on the illustrious pages of Dolly Magazine.

And here's some other old photos that I came across

Sydney coffee

Sydney bottle shop

Sydney surf board

Ruth's cousin, Louey's old gallery in Sydney.

Louey chatting to awesome art guy, French, while he muralises the Monster Children Gallery

Tom Jeppe woke up with this tattooed on him after a hard night on the booze. Yep he did it himself.

A few years ago I spent a couple of days teaching a bunch of naughty kids in the country how to do grip tape art. This little girl was the youngest and one of the smartest too. I think she was 11 and was having a real hard life due to having shit parents but she was so happy and enthusiastic. She ended up helping out some of the other, much older and dumber delinquents. This was the board she made which she'd tried to copy off this surf board that I painted a while ago. I think the one next to her's was her 13 year old brother's which is also pretty awesome.

In the spirit of even older photos than these (such as ramp in the Mindsnare loungeroom circa 1994 I think) check out Mike Kearney's awesome blog

And here are some pics that i forgot to put on the last post about the cricket (I stole them from - I hope I don't get sent to internet jail)

The Melbourne 11

The Canberra 11

The real winner on the day was cricket. Actually no wait, it was skateboarding. Any day where a bunch arse clowns like this stay off their boards is a victory for skating.

Sometimes I see things that are so awesome that I get angry with myself for not having come up with it first. Actually its happening a lot more as I get older. When i saw this picture it was one of those times.

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