Saturday, 17 May 2008

I'm not sorry

My computer has been hanging out with me for too long and is now as disorganised as I am. Which is why my photos are in some weird order that I dont know about.
Here's some older ones that I came across.

Scotland must be full of hilarious dudes and for some reason they keep sending them to stay with me. For example, Gary the Bruce

Mavie AKA (Le Head) is in Budapest now to be a Man Wolf in a film. Before he left this happened...




Lock up your daughters Mavie gave himself the old queer eye for the straight guy treatment. Apparently one of his eyes is a flaming homosexual.

Then he found this leather hat in the back of Dad's car and ruined the grooming that he'd worked so hard on all morning

Then he got tired

Speaking of locking up your daughters I saw this apology, relating to that mentalist who had his secret inbred family locked in the basement, on some random graffiti web site

As you know I rarely apologise for anything but something has occurred for which it is only right that I admit my guilt.
Many years ago, I went on a boozy stag do to Austria and I’m afraid one night, while heavily intoxicated, I shouted out something about locking up your daughters as the Ginger Prince was in town.
Unfortunately, it appears that one of the residents heard my drunken cry and acted a bit too literally on it.
No-one is happier than I am that this situation has finally been resolved after what must have been 24 very difficult years for all involved, and all I can say is I am truly sorry for the ongoing physical and psychological trauma I have caused.

Fucking genius.
And sticking to the genius theme, I ran into Niddy and Brado (the inventor of the holiday letterbox) at the black tshirts and folded arms party. Niddy got given a fat lip for stealing Mavie's snout

Ralph surprised Dave with an unexpected shelving at the white Tshirts and three day growth party

Here's a young shirtless Kenny Rogers telling Antonio Banderas when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.

Me and Mum made this picture of Jean Simmonds

Here's Lates learning how to be a total arse hole.
Step 1. Get crotch rocket with personlised number plate. (Please note number plate that references drug taking and/or partying is optional but highly recommended.)

No idea how this got on my camera but I'm glad it did. Fashion towels are gonna be huge at Saint Jerome's soon, maybe even bigger than the flamboyant neck wear that was so popular last winter (and for some reason also during summer for those awesome tight pant dudes who are so cool that they dont realise its 38 degrees)

When there are no whole chickens around Al is happy to resort to the nutritional splendor of a saggy bag

According to the latest research out of Le Institute De Spazztard if you skate vert you will end up like these dudes. I'm going to look for my pads.

Did anyone forget that Sam Newman has Pamela Anderson's face covering his whole house

Here's Scotty getting into yet another girls pants... this time she wasn't in them though

Speaking of girls pants I'm sure there was millions of damp ones at the Iron Maiden concert. Actually concert is a bad description, it was more of a lifestyle. Best thing I've ever seen.
I swapped this cake

For this ticket (Thanks Jill)

I went with this couple of leathbians

We knew the booze situation at these things is a night mare so we all took hip flasks which were empty before the first song

This dude asked us for a cigarette and we were so stoked on his entire set up that we gave him two... please note Eddie slaying kangaroos at Ayer's Rock on his Tshirt

There were fuck loads of Brian Maidens there. METAL

The crowd was amazing. 99% black Tshirts. A few stand outs included a skinny kid wearing a tshirt that said "This dude loves the cock" with and arrow pointing at his metalhead buddy that was happily walking along next to him. Another guy had a classified ad printed on his shirt. Apparently he was trying to sell his wife.

Here's a picture of Lates making sure Mixa, or M6 as I like to call him, doesn't have any wardrobe malfunctions

Cheese has been getting into unnessessary courteous reach arounds

Lates on the shoe phone

Unfortunately those Nikea batteries dont last too long so he had to finish ordering his pizza Kveta's shoe phone

Ladies and gentlemen I'd like to present my favourite party stalwart Kaz.

The doctor is IN

Here's some pics from Kaz and Mavie's birthday scenario
I guess I got pretty blind

Me and Mavie reversed roles for the night.

Dave grew tits

Ruth got all bummed at me for asking Milli Vanilli if I could borrow a microphone

Mavie and Keegan slept together if you know what I mean

Shop window sign

The steed currently has a flat tyre. First one on my motorbike. To go with the 5 others that I've had this year on my push bike. I think I've been cursed by Dunlord the god of inflatable objects.

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