Thursday, 11 December 2008

A huge sack of god knows what

I haven't been hearing from Mavie much since he got to Thailand but the few things I've heard are good. Last bit of info that I got was that he'd avoided the political protesters in Bankok, done some form of deep sea diving and rented a motorbike to ride to Laos.
This is probably one of the best emails that has been hammered out on a keyboard since the invention of the information super highway. Here it is in its entirety, he even included all the dots, I think he wanted me to believe I'd walked into a conversation he was having with some one else.

....long story but last night I ended up riding through a freezing moonlit mountain pass with 20 live chickens strapped to the back of my bike and a huge sack of god knows what piled on top... helpin a little loas fella out who was havin a shocker....

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