Sunday, 21 December 2008

Snakes and Radness

I'll give Mavie one thing, he is incredibly consistent. I just got this from him, and yesterday I read an email that he'd sent to Dad that had some crap about him travelling north down a dirt road in Laos and seeing a sign that read "China - 8km"
The awesome thing about Mavie's emails are that they are usually brief and to the point so you dont have to sit through him ranting on about every detail of every little thing that has ever happened to every person that he has ever encountered.

Ready, set, Mavie...

Just spent 24hrs on a car free the first thing I did when I got off the boat was rent a shitty Chinese scooter. Got way too excited and forgot to check the brakes.... took the crest of a hill in third revin' the piss out of it.... turns out the brakes were shite and I ran straight over the middle of a 7 foot long Cobra that was trying to cross the path..... both my feet went up round my head so the bloody thing wouldn't bite me for using him as a speed bump..... yep just about shat myself... good times

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