Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Is the pay packet half empty or half full?

Left over photos from summer, prior to the temperature getting too hot to go outside and half the state burning down

Anyone need a gardener?

Turn's out he is really good at laying bricks too. I payed Mavie to fix the fence that I destroyed whilst trying to jump start my bike a few months ago. Turns out smashing it into a wall doesn't really help to get the engine running. Who knew? He did an amazing job and saved me a fortune AND to top it all off got really sun burnt because his head is so big that Tshirts don't fit over it anymore.

Swedish bikie gangs are no where near as intimidating as our ones

We went to the zoo. First time I've been there since i was a kid.

100+ year old turtles.... not the blonde one though

When we were in the aviary 2 birds swooped Helen, then later this guy jumped off the fence at her. They just let him wander around trying to hook up with girls all day.

I didn't get to see the seals which was the main reason I went. Thats because they are building them a new enclosure which, for some reason, has a huge Oregon style skate park in it?

Poppy's babushka's in Scotty's nutcracker

Mixa and Benny at their dress up party. Benny is the angry neighbour. I forgot what Mixa was meant to be but he looks pretty special in the pink shirt.

Mixa's new pad rules. Palm trees and a mini ramp. I didn't even bother going inside

New Year's Eve

Silent Yeff got a pigeon in his pit, then Nikeem laughed a little bit while Emilie tried to lick her.....?

I showed this photo of Scotty trying to get into Keifer Sutherland's sleeping position in The Lostboys, to Nikeem and he asked me how the hell he got up there.

This photo of the Nick Kilderry pro model step ladder seemed to clear things up for him though.

James bought this white sauce from Japan to Cam's BBQ. It's either gayonaise or brogurt, I cant remember which.

I drew up this dogtown tribute logo for him to get tattooed, he wasn't too interested though.

What's uff?

Hunter S. Gourlay

Some one was having a shocker

Due to her Viking heritage, Helen is awesome at rowing

Jo freaked out when she found this little lizard so I took care of him. Not in the Mafia way, just in the take him outside and put him out of reach of the cat way.

Beard-o-rama sneak preview

Cheese's birthday at Yellowbird. He bought a huge round of Tip Rats costing about $160 then tried to pick them all up at once and surprisingly dropped a few...along with his pants

The pants dropping was contagious

James is immune though.

Angie sent me these photos of the Stussy store in Chadstone, the fashion capital. These are Tshirts that I designed for them in their own display. Weird. They're retailling for $100 each. Weirder. Economic crisis be damned. Oh speaking of which I got half retrenched so if any one needs some freelance illustration done I'll have lots of spare time to it. Seriously I'm your guy. Please...

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