Friday, 17 October 2008

Captain Manouvers and Bob Hawke

Most people dont realise that my cat, Captain Manouvers, came up with the original idea Natas' iconic 80's skate graphic. (If you dont get this joke you're either too old or too young or too smart to give a shit about 80's skate graphics)

As America heads into election time which will hopefully lead to a new, slightly less corrupt, more intelligent, more accountable government, I have been thinking a bit about Australia's past Prime Ministers and I've decided that Bob Hawke is easily the best one. Apart from encouraging the entire country to take a sicky whilst drunk on national television, he can also slam down a yard glass faster than a thirsty Hell's Angel. For proof see the picture below (much like hips, blackboards dont lie) I think the Australian flag is kind of boring and uninspiring but how awesome does it look with that silhouette of our Bob partially obscurring it? Maybe that should be permanently added to our flag. (Or is that the one that Frankston are already using?)

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