Monday, 13 October 2008

Nothing to do with Mavie

Matt and Troy sent this press release through the other day. I drew the picture on the Tshirt.
I think if you click on the picture I think it will enlarge so you can actually read it. If not check out the new Element Australia website here
While you're there have a look at the advocates pages. There's one there for me. I have to supply some better images for it but I'm stoked on it anyway.

Glen from Dunlop kindly asked me paint some Volleys a few weeks ago for that dude Strauchnie who is a character on one of the footy shows. It was an all night, rushed project but it turned out okay.

A week later Glen hooked me up with another opportunity to paint some more shoes for them. This one is apparently going to appear in Dolly Magazine. I stole the idea for the "Smile Forever" text from a tattoo that all round good dude, Pedro Day has on his chest. The day after I finished painting these I saw a Michael Seiben painting in the Juxtopoz Illustration book with the same thing written on it. I dont want people to think I stole the idea from the wrong person. I believe honesty is important when stealing. Anyway, in my opinion, they turned out a lot better than the Strauchnie ones. (I especially like the romantic lighting on the second photo)

The Stussy artist series Tshirts are being printed in November. Here's the press release that they sent out.
I'm looking forward seeing the actual finished product.

Amongst all this business I still found some time to make up another awesome joke.

Q:What member of the weasel family loves wagging school and singing Beetles songs in the main street????

A:Ferrets Bueller.

Wow. That is gold.
I'll try to post some more pics soon including a cake I made for the best skate mag in the world, The Skateboarders Journal and a piece of electronic equipment that I have nearly finished decorating for Element.

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