Sunday, 19 October 2008

Shaving the yard

"Would you mind not mowing your lawn at 1 oclock on a Sunday afternooon please. Some of us have been taking the designer drug extacy all week end and now we are trying to sleep. Cant you just let us come down in peace?" is what I was imaging my neighbours saying as I was giving our yard a Brazillian today. As you can see from the photo below I got most of it done apart from the treacherous areas of old growth lawn around the base of Mt. Scottiosko. There were some environmental activists who chained them selves to the lawn mower. Sucks for them that it was a rental which I returned today. Their protest continues at Kennards Equipment Hire in Preston.

I've spent the past few weeks painting this Vestalife Ipod Dock for Element.
I call it Tina Burner

Al Wilson is now a proud father. I'm pretty sure the baby's name is Charlie. Thats the name we were chanting all night anyway. I tried to get him to call the little fella Ian Gavin David Darren so his initials would be IGDD. He wasn't interested. Here he is after many shots of various giggle liquids, proudly waving the saggy bag flag.

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